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Biostatistics for Health Sciences

Advisory for clinical and medical researchers. Including standards for design, randomization, formulation of hypothesis and selection of tests. Numerical analysis and development of statistical programming code. Generation of macros for special purposes and repetitive tasks. Services are based on insight in quantitative statistics, quality research and clinical practice and standards.

Biostatistics for Private Sector

Statistical programming and analysis of clinical studies. Backoffice services for small tech companies and innovators. Analysis of data from experiments and surveys.

Research consulting and Education

Students and scientific researchers seeking advise on design, analysis and publication and choices of methodology, standards and tools.

Industrial Statistics

Quality data analysis including stochastic process control and other statistical methods in relation to development and research. GIS analysis.

Market Analysis

Decision analysis, online calculators, regression analysis and multivariate statistics.

Management Analysis

Surveys, effect analysis, quantitative analysis including time series models, predictive modelling and structural models.

“Gunnar Laier asked the correct questions, on background.
He completed the work ahead of schedule and with a clarity of communication that is rare.”

“Gunnar … has shown that he is a very talented and gifted mathematician/statistician who works independently and at a very high level. His professional interests are very wide. He has extraordinary good skills in mathematics and probability theory.”

“Gunnar … has been responsible for data linkages, data cleaning, and performance of the statistical analysis, and he has done this work with great precision and competence”

“The finest service possible.”

Educational material: Anvendt Biostatistik for Forskere og Forskerspirer (DK)

Tools: 7-zip compression and encryption tool

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